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The PowerFit Infrared Slimming cabins
Professional guidance during exercise
The infrared cabins feature adjustable hand and foot loops

Welcome to the PowerFit Website.

The PowerFit Slimming Cabins are a unique product. This professional Cabin is constructed from special sustainable materials that will ensure you years of trouble free professional use. This Dutch product has an international air to it. Because of its beautiful design this slimming cabin will be an eye catcher in your business.

On this website you will find all relevant information about the PowerFit Infrared Slimming Cabins.

After reading all the information you might still have some questions or you also want to become a Registered PowerFit Studio. Then please call us to make an appointment to view the cabins in our showroom. Naturally we will also be pleased to send you our offer by mail.

PowerFit does not just sell you the unique slimming cabins. PowerFit will also give you professional guidance as how to start your own slimming studio. PowerFit is not a franchise company but we offer you, our client, a total concept which is extensive, affordable and has a quality assortment.



Unique from PowerFit

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