About Powerfit

PowerFit is a wholesaler of infrared cabins used for the TFM method. TFM method is a method of exercising in a heated cabin under certain supervision in order to lose weight. In addition, PowerFit helps set up studios and provides TFM training.

PowerFit cabins are a unique product. Special high-quality materials ensure a professional cabin that guarantees years of carefree use. This Dutch product has an international allure due to the particularly beautiful design, the cabin is a feast for the eye and will be an eye-catcher in every company.

TFM Method

With PowerFit, you have the perfect start to getting started with the Thermo Physical Method.

Much is promised in the weight loss field but few promises come true. With the Thermo Physical Method you will help clients on their way to real and lasting success.

The Thermo Physical Method has been a success for thirty years: not a new method but one that has already proven itself. At universities in the Netherlands and Belgium, the Thermo Physical Method has been extensively studied and researchers at both universities were impressed with the results.

The Thermo Physical Method is based on generally accepted principles from sports medicine, physical therapy and nutrition. Central to this is active movement therapy. In the PowerFit cabin heated by infrared lamps, your clients perform a targeted (figure correction) and medically sound exercise program while lying down. This program is tailored to weight, condition, health and age. Back and joints are spared because the exercises are performed lying down. Over time, the exercises can be increased slightly; in fact, there are three intensity levels. This keeps the result optimal. Your condition will be maintained and your figure will maintain the results achieved if you continue to use the PowerFit cabins. The warm infrared radiation works deeply on the muscles, preventing muscle pain and stimulating blood circulation. This activates the breakdown of fat reserves!

Adjustable hand and foot loops with a counterweight attached are used during the movements. Intensive exercises have the grandiose effect after about ten sessions that your client slims down in the places where she or he wishes. This makes the PowerFit cabin eminently effective for people who want to lose weight and/or correct the figure locally. The PowerFit booth is also an excellent tool for toning muscles.

With the Thermo Physical Method, it is common for the client to go into a wonderfully relaxing ozone bath before or after the active exercise therapy. The ozone gives the skin a rejuvenating treatment and makes the house tighter and more elastic. Also, the ozone bath improves circulation, eliminates waste products and works great against cellulite.

Combined with sound nutritional advice based on the recommendations of the Dutch Health Council, you have a successful formula at home.

The result for your customers

Your customer has certain expectations and the level of satisfaction is largely determined by the degree to which the customer manages to achieve results. This result is the basis for a returning customer and therefore a regular and constant cash flow for your business.

Besides being a supplier of weight loss cabins, PowerFit has also been a successful weight loss studio (Studio My Shape)for many years where these cabins are used enthusiastically and intensively. We therefore know the success stories from our own experience.

Clients who regularly use the PowerFit booths correct the figure locally or totally; but they achieve even more:

  • Lose weight through individually tailored exercise programs.
  • Natural muscle building and figure rejuvenation through formation of a “natural
  • Significantly improved fitness, metabolism and blood flow to the body and skin;
  • Improvement of the immune system, relief of many rheumatic and joint complaints;
  • Fighting the so-called orange peel or cellulite;
  • Fighting overtiredness and stress;
  • Positive effects on high blood pressure complaints.

The targeted exercises, combined with the short-wave infrared lamps unique to the PowerFit cabins ensure the above effects. Even after performing the exercise session, the calorie burning continues for a while. This is the so-called “afterburn” effect, the period of increased resting metabolism.