The PowerFit Slimming Infrared Cabins are a unique product. Special high quality materials ensure a professional cabin that guarantees years of carefree use. This Dutch product has an international allure by the particularly beautiful design, the cabin is a feast for the eye and will be an eye-catcher in every company.


PowerFit not only sells you a unique cabin but also gives you professional guidance on how to start your own business.


PowerFit is not a franchise concept but offers you a total concept with an extensive, affordable
and quality assortment.




Customer registration system with TFM method


Digitize your paper sportplans


Ability to create your own schedules


At competitive rates

Why Powerfit?

Therefore Powerfit


With PowerFit you can start your own weight loss studio in 6 steps. PowerFit provides not only trend-setting weight loss studios but also everything you need to get started professionally.

Free installation

PowerFit Infrared Slimming Booths are installed quickly and hassle-free by our technical staff as standard.

Free delivery

The PowerFit Infrared Slimming Cabins are delivered to you free of charge in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany up to 200 kilometers. When you pick up the cabins you will receive a discount of € 200,-.


Powerfit offers a standard warranty on all cabs. Please inquire about Powerfit’s warranty terms.

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