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The Cabin

The effectiveness of the cabin is of course of the greatest importance. Also to the exterior and the quality of the cabin we have set high standards. The result is that our PowerFit Cabin is not only aesthetically beautifully designed and finished but also durable and easy to use.

The frame of the cabin is made of Solid Core (High Pressure Laminate). Standard we supply creamy white or chic black cabins. The cabin is furthermore mode of shock proof, clear, polycarbonate, so your clients won’t feel locked up in the heated cabin.

The resistors are adjustable and fastened underneath the bed. The resistors are mounted in such a way that wear is minimal and they are easy to change.

The dimensions of the cabin:

- Height 1750mm x Length 2200mm x Width 1150mm

The finishing of the bed is made from high end vinyl and can be ordered in most colors. This material is strong and durable and easy in maintenance.

The infrared lights are so called short wave lights. To make optimum use of the warmth and energy of this heath source research has been done. The Peak Energy Wave length (PEW). This is dependent on the temperature and properties of the elements we use. The lights warm the cabin between 34 and 37 degreed Celsius. Research done at the Catholic Leuven University (Belgium) points out that this is the ideal temperature for this method. The PEW has to be so that on the whole body the right temperature is issued. Not too superficial on the skin, then the effect is too small, not too deep so the temperature doesn’t becomes too high. The infrared lights used in the PowerFit cabins approach the natural warmth of our body and are therefore the perfect heat source.

PowerFit demonstration movie

Have a look at our demonstration movie.