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With PowerFit you can start your own business in 6 easy steps

Step 1: To make things easier for you PowerFit has put together a very practical program so you can start your own business with a minimum amount of stress.

  • - Ozone cabin
  • - Size (breadth) meter
  • - Blood pressure meter
  • - Various scales
  • - Database
  • - Website

Step 2: Extensive training for you and your employees.

  • - In house training in our studio or on location
  • - How to make a figure analysis
  • - Use of equipment
  • - Intake interview
  • - Hygiene
  • - Instruction training schedules

Step 3: PowerFit provides you with.

  • - Training programs
  • - Client cards
  • - Figure analysis cards
  • - Standard letter with contraindications

Step 4: PowerFit advises about marketing and if required printed matter like leaflets etc.

Step 5: PowerFit advises you about nutrition programs and diets that work well in combination with the exercises in the PowerFit cabins.

Step 6: PowerFit doesn’t just help you with starting your own business but also the after sales and support will be well organized by your PowerFit team.

The fact that PowerFit Slimming Cabins will be an interesting addition for your company may be evidenced by the previous. With PowerFit as your partner you will make the right choice for your investment plans.