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The Thermo Physical Method

With PowerFit you have found the perfect way to start with the Thermo Physical Method (TPM).

Many promises are made where slimming is concerned but very few do what is promised. With the TPM you really can help your clients to real and constant success.

The TPM has been a success for the past 30 years; It is not a new method but one that has already earned graet respect over the past years. Universities in Holland and Belgium have researched this method and were impressed with the results.

The TPM is based on commonly accepted principles from sport medicine, physiotherapy and nutrition studies. Central part of this method is the active movement therapy. In the PowerFit slimming cabin heated by infrared lights clients perform mostly lying a specifically targeted figure correcting and medically justified practice program. This program takes into account weight, condition, health and age. The infra-red warmth works in deep on the muscles, minimizing muscle aches and stimulating the blood circulation. Because of this the stimulation the breaking down of fat reserves is activated! There are three intensity levels so the exercises can be varied. This is how you can keep the results. The condition of clients is maintained and when they keep using the PowerFit heated slimming cabins their figure will remain is shape.

During the exercise clients use hand an d foot straps with a counterweight attached to it. These exercise have the great effect that after 10 sessions clients will have already lost centimeters in the right places. This is what makes the PowerFit cabin prominently effective for people that want to lose weight and or correct their figure. Also for those who want to strengthen their muscles PowerFit cabins are the right choice.

With the TPM it is customary that clients before or after the active movement therapy make use of a relaxing ozone bath. Ozone rejuvenates the skin and makes it tighter and more elastic. Ozone also enhances blood circulation and helps to drain waste products. Furthermore it gives great results in the fight against cellulite.

In combination with a good dietary advice you have a very successful formula at hand.

Results for your customers

Your customer has certain expectations and the degree of satisfaction depends on the results that can be achieved by the client. These results are the basis for recurrent business and a regular and constant cash flow.

PowerFit is besides supplier of slimming cabins also already several years a successful slimming studio (Studio My Shape) where customers are enthusiastically and intensively using the PowerFit slimming cabins.

Customers whom are regularly training in de PowerFit cabins are correcting their figure totally or partially but they achieve more:

  • 1. Losing weight through individual training programmes.
  • 2. Naturally building muscle and thus rejuvenating their figure by forming a natural corset.
  • 3. Greatly improving their condition, metabolism and perfusion of body and skin.
  • 4. Improvement of immune system and relieving many rheumatic and joint complaints.
  • 5. Successfully fighting cellulite.
  • 6. Relieving exhaustion and stress complaints.
  • 7. Positive effects on high blood pressure complaints.

The specific exercises programs in combination with short wave infrared lights, which are unique for the PowerFit cabins, give your clients these results. Even after completing the exercise session the burning of calories continues for a while. This is called the “after burn” effect, the period of raised metabolism in rest.

In our studio we asked a few customers about their experience with the PowerFit Slimming cabin:
Yvette – 30 years “ I’ve always been the sportive type but my hips and belly always remained problem areas. This nevertheless countless slimming efforts, I have really tried everything. Since I am working out in the PowerFit cabins I am losing centimeters in all the places I wanted to lose them. I have now lost 25 kg and 112 cm overall”.

Lucy – 32 years “After three pregnancies I felt it was time to get back into my old shape. With twice a week a workout of maximum half an hour I lost 14 kg and 71 cm overall. I have regained my confidence and am truly back in shape”.

Patricia – 34 year “It seemed unrealistic that with so little effort such great results could be achieved. After 10 sessions in the PowerFit slimming cabin I have already lost 27 cm and I know this time I will succeed in losing my weight”.