The effectiveness of the cabin is obviously the most important thing. But we have also set high standards for the quality and appearance of the cabin. The result is that our PowerFit cabins are aesthetically pleasing in design and finish, but are also durable and easy to use.

The frame of the cabin is made of volkern. We supply cream white or chic black cabins as standard. The cabin is further equipped with transparent impact-resistant crystal-clear polycarbonate, so that your customers will certainly not feel trapped in the heated cabin.

The resistors are adjustable and are mounted under the lounger. The resistors are mounted so that wear and tear will be minimal and replacement is easy. Each cabin also comes with 2 spare resistors as standard.

The dimensions of the PowerFit Cabin are:
– height 1750 mm X length 2200 mm X width 1150 mm

The finish of the lounger is high quality leather and can be made in almost any color. This material is strong and therefore durable and easy to maintain.

The infrared lamps are so-called 2 x 750 Watt shortwave In order to make the best use of the heat and energy of this heat source, research has been done on the so-called Peak Energy Wavelength (PEW). This depends on the temperature and properties of the element we use. The lamps heat the cabin between 34 and 37 degrees Celsius. Research by the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven has shown that this is the ideal temperature for this method. The PEW must be such that the right amount of energy is delivered to the right areas of the body. So not too superficially in the skin, because then the effect is too small and not too deep, because the temperature there should not become too high. The infrared lamps mounted in the PowerFit cabin approximate the infrared heat that is naturally present in our bodies and are therefore the perfect heat source.

With PowerFit you can start in 6 steps
with your own weight loss studio.

PowerFit provides not only trend-setting weight loss booths but also everything you need to get started professionally.


Step 1: PowerFit offers a comprehensive counseling program:


  • Ozone Booth
  • Odometer
  • Blood pressure monitor
  • Various scales
  • Database
  • Website

Step 2: Comprehensive training for you and your staff.


  • Course in our studio or on location
  • Making a figure analysis
  • Use of equipment
  • Intake interview
  • Hygiene
  • Instruction on exercise programs

Step 3: PowerFit delivers.


  • Exercise programs
  • Client cards
  • Cards for recording a figure analysis
  • Standard letter with contra indications

Step 4: PowerFit provides advice regarding marketing and any custom printed materials.

    Step 5: If desired, PowerFit will advise you on nutritional recommendations to follow that can be used in conjunction with the exercises in the PowerFit cabins.

      Step 6: PowerFit not only helps you start your business but also after-sales and support is taken care of to perfection by the PowerFit Team.

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